ISEA2023 PARIS FRANCE is co-organized by 

Executive Producer :

The Cube, executive producer of ISEA2023 Based in Issy-les-Moulineaux and dedicated to digital creation and education, The Cube promotes transversal perspectives in the arts, sciences, and society more widely. Through programs centering digital education, arts, and their future prospects, we’re making changes for a better future.

Responsible for academic programming :

L’École des Arts Décoratifs Paris (ENSAD), responsible for the academic program of the Symposium ISEA2023 PARIS FRANCE. The School is a public institution of higher education under the authority of the Department of Culture, whose mission is the artistic, scientific and technical training of artists and designers, as well as research. A pioneer in this field, it created a research laboratory in 2007. Under the aegis of the Université PSL (Paris Science et Lettre), of which it is a partner, in 2012 it set up the PSL SACRe (Science Art Creation Research) doctorate. It is the first practice-based doctorate to be set up within an art and design school setting.


In conjunction with the international board of ISEA, the French organizing committee brings together leading players in the fields of the arts, CIs, higher education, research and innovation. It is made up of : Le Cube, EnsadLab laboratoire de recherche de l’Ecole des arts Décoratifs, Forum des images, HACNUM, ENS Paris-Saclay, Université Paris 8, Université Paris Nanterre, EUR ArTeC, MSH Paris-Nord, Learning Planet Institute, Le Fresnoy, l’IRCAM, ENSCI – Les Ateliers, l’Institut ACTE, la Scène Nationale d’Orléans, l’ESAD – Orléans, Leonardo OLATS



General Chair / Director
Nils Aziosmanoff

Production Director
Klio Krajewska

Director of Academic Programming
Emmanuel Mahé

Associate Director of Academic Programming
Edith Buser

Artistic Coordinator
Clément Thibault

Partnership officer
Alicia Bonneau

 Pauline Barthe


Director – Forum des images
Claude Farge

Strategy and Development Officer – Forum des images
Michèle Ziegler

Project manager, programming and strategy in the Digital Development Department – Forum des images
Inès Selmane

Managing Director of EUR ArTeC
Jeanne-Marie Portevin

Annaël Le Poullennec

Director – University of Paris 8
Yves Citton

Vice President Digital Paris 8
Everardo Reyes

Director – ENS Paris-Saclay La Scène de Recherche
Marc Dondey

Director of Programming – ENS Paris-Saclay La Scène de Recherche
Sophia Lahlil

Director – MSH Paris-Nord
Anne Sedes

Researcher in virtual environment, in charge of ISEA2023 project for MSH Paris-Nord
Guilherme Carvalho

Director – Learning Planet Institute
François Taddei

Professor, in charge of the ISEA2023 project – Learning Planet Institute Professor, in charge of the ISEA2023 project
 Joël Chevrier

Professor and artist – ACTE Institute (Sorbonne)
Jean-Marie Dallet

Research assistant – ENSCI – Les Ateliers
Armand Behar

Director – IRCAM
Frank Madlener

Scientific Director – IRCAM
Hugues Vinet

Director – Le Fresnoy
Alain Fleischer

Digital Creation Coordinator – Le Fresnoy
Eric Prigent

Director – ESAD – Orléans
Emmanuel Guez

Director – Labomedia
Benjamin Cadon

Director – Leonardo OLATS – Independent
Annick Bureaud

Co-director – SNZN – HACNUM
Céline Berthoumieux

Artist / Researcher / Theorist / Teacher
Don Foresta

Artist / Theorist
Franck Ancel


With the support of

Organization Committee

With the support of

The series of ISEA symposia is coordinated by ISEA International. Founded in the Netherlands in 1990, ISEA International (formerly Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts) is an international non-profit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organizations and individuals working with art, science and technology. ISEA International Headquarters is supported by the University of Brighton (UK).

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