Host to 60 participating countries, ISEA — the International Symposium on Electronic Art — is a major international event focused on digital creation. Each year, the event is held in a different country. This trans-disciplinary conference reunites actors in digital arts, design, research, and cultural and creative industries (CCI) effecting tremendous creative progress.

Between round-table meetings, networking events, project presentations, and exhibitions of artistic projects, ISEA highlights the best in digital creation from around the world with creative discernment and an eye for novelty.

The 28th edition will be held in Paris, France, following past editions in Spain, Hong Kong, Colombia, South Africa, South Korea, and Canada.

ISEA2023 will bring together nearly 2000 international creators, researchers, and innovators, along with more than 100 000 anticipated visitors. Partnered with actors in 60 participating countries, the event will lend international visibility digital ecosystems around the world, and to the French scene in particular. The event is also intended to raise public awareness regarding new forms of digital creation and the contemporary social issues to which they pertain.


Virtuality, connectivity, AI, robotics, NFTs and the metaverse, cognitive design and neuroscience — over the last few years, each in their turn has catalyzed major shifts in the creative sphere, thus participating in its reinvention. The transformation of uses and practices in the era of algorithmic intelligence has renewed the productive models on hand. This evolution is part of a wider trend in digital transformation, questioning the meaning we ascribe to progress, especially regarding the environment and public health.

To better anticipate and understand our era’s creative evolutions, ISEA2023 is dedicated to the  transversal perspectives and aptitudes of different actors in the ecosystem of digital creation and innovation. The event will comprise two major axes:

Over a period of several weeks, the artistic programme will be held across 100 partner venues in Paris and France more widely. Various thematic routes will permit spectators to discover a wide selection of digital works: installations, virtual or augmented realities, performances, concerts, video games, design, films, and digital publications will be presented throughout the trajectory.

For one week, the academic program will bring together a number of actors in digital creation at Paris’ Forum des images – TUMO, as well as on a dedicated virtual platform. This rich academic program will include conferences, panels & round tables, posters & demos, institutional presentations, artists’ talks & work-in-progress presentations, and workshops & tutorials…. It aims to highlight the latest advances in digital creation and other creative industries :

Digital creations: At the intersection of science, innovation, and creativity, the hybrid art forms of digital cultures have catalyzed the apparition of new forms of expression for artists and novel experiences for the public. They have allowed us clear glimpses of the transformations afoot in the world around us, and to envision a field of desirable futures and fruitful narratives. The economic, political, social, and ecological changes that our era will collectively traverse are an invitation to thought — to different ways of seeking and creating — and it is at this crossroads that hybrid arts and digital cultures reside.

Cultural and Creative Industries: The complexity today’s issues calls for a renewed transdisciplinarity in our economic models and customs. The creative industry and its professional fields — new media, sports, video games, augmented reality, immersive performances or entirely virtual worlds — are undergoing a transformation. In addition, creative industries also lend their skills in other domains, such as healthcare, to take just one example among many.




An international perspective on digital creation and innovation in France
A unique opportunity to highlight the French scene and to foster partnership and dialogue on an international scale.

An inter-disciplinary platform of exchange
Collective intelligence and dynamic networks are essential to the process of innovation. ISEA2023 favors traversal synergies between agents of transformation.

A meeting of the minds: creation, digital innovation, and the public
ISEA2023 offers the public an opportunity to discover the latest trends, best practices, and most of-the-moment works in digital creation, on an international scale.

An inclusive approach to thinking contemporary issues
Organized around the theme of Symbiosis, ISEA2023 intends to explore novel possibilities in the light of current affairs, expanding imaginations and encouraging the collective creation of new narratives.

The launchpad to a better future
The organizers of ISEA are invested in a better world, which is why we seek to encourage dialogue between creation, science, and innovation in the service of the common good.


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Organization Committee

With the support of

The series of ISEA symposia is coordinated by ISEA International. Founded in the Netherlands in 1990, ISEA International (formerly Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts) is an international non-profit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organizations and individuals working with art, science and technology. ISEA International Headquarters is supported by the University of Brighton (UK).

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